Proof of Used (POU)

Differentiated from the traditional competitive approach, Spiderweb aims to build a more energy-efficient and sustainable ecosystem. The consensus mechanism adopted by Spiderweb is called "Proof of Used, PoU", a reward mechanism based on the contribution nodes make in the ecosystem.
Every node is important to Spiderweb for Spiderweb ledger's maintenance.
The record of node's usage will be documented as open and transparent information on Spiderweb and rewarded crypto token based on the premise of its contribution.

Spiderweb Mining Model

When Spiderweb Official Node (SON) receives requests from the general users for accessing the client's content, it will encrypt the user's IP, time, and the domain name via SHA256 hash, and generate a new set of hash values with the official key and the public key of the enterprise client (Client). This hash value will be broadcasted by Spiderweb Distribution Node (SDN). Then Spiderweb Verification Node (SVN) receives the instruction to verify and confirm the hash value with Spiderweb Official Node (SON) to complete the block uploading, called "Proof of Used, PoU". It is the decisive point where the new transaction is complete.
Spiderweb will proactively provide the most optimized node resource for clients, so node contributors need to pay more attention to their resource environment, such as network speed, available hard disk space, etc., rather than general computing power contribution.