Target Audience

“Spiderweb (ARAC) is set to position itself as a one-stop, user-friendly blockchain infrastructure provider, where our services will be geared towards those who wish to shift their current businesses from the traditional web systems, onto the blockchain.”
While our services are open to all, the applications that we provide are mainly geared towards 2 specific portions of the current demographics: Online Service Providers (OSP) and Blockchain Technology Service Providers (BSP).
  • Online Service Provider (OSP): The deployment of services provided for OSP is the same as the general server platform. After verifying the specifications, terms of server usage, and the amount of node resource required, the client will download our DApp from Spiderweb’s main server to complete the decentralized blockchain installation.
  • Blockchain Service Provider (BSP): BSPs are the main target users of Spiderweb Public Node, consisting of Spiderweb Verification Node (SVN). Through the official API connection, BSP clients can quickly take advantage of the vast resources provided, drastically reducing their initial overhead of having to build from the ground up.