Coordinating Node Model

Spiderweb has developed three types of node roles with different specifications and functions that can be interactively collaborated to meet server demands.
Spiderweb Three Node Types

The combination of SON and SVN

As the main parts of Decentralized IDC (D.I.D.C.) architecture, Spiderweb provides traditional online service provider (OSP) clients a solution to quickly and conveniently convert and deploy their online application services to decentralized blockchain scenarios while incorporating several active and passive security protection mechanisms to protect data.

SVN as Private Node

Since enterprise clients have high requirements on the quality of blockchain services and need absolute Internet connection stability, and at the same time have more concerns about using external blockchain public chains, most enterprise clients need Private Node deployment as node resources.

SDN as Public Node

All Spiderweb Verification Nodes serve as a public chain node resource for Blockchain Technology Provider (BSP) clients in the Spiderweb Network ecosystem, used to store Ledger data for them.