Mining Box (SDN)

The existing products in the market only provide general users with cloud space for storing file data. Spiderweb provides ownership of minding box, served as Spiderweb Distribution Node for earning $ARAC token as reward on a regular and stable basis.
Served for data downloading and broadcasting, the mining box "Spiderweb Distribution Node (SDN)" is a customized hard drive minding box built with blockchain underlying technology. It is composed of the functions such as "server + video streaming box + cloud hard drive", and is capable of fast, secure, and encrypted data sharing and native token ARAC reward generation.


  • Fair consensus mechanism: you can get corresponding rewards while using it
  • Target User: general individual users and corporate clients
  • Decentralized server system: improved stability of each node


  • Mini-IDC server
  • Multimedia streaming service (DAPP application): game software/multimedia streaming / DAPP Store
  • "Proof of Used, PoU" Consensus Account
  • Cloud Hard Drive


  • Standard system: Intel NUC BXNUC10I5FNH(i5-10210U)
  • Memory: 32G DDR4-2666
  • Solid State Drive: 2TB M.2 PCIe SSD