Spiderweb Official Node (SON)

Spiderweb currently consists of 3 types of nodes, each of which all has specific functions to suit and fulfill the designated tasks clients may need:
The Spiderweb Official Nodes (SONs) are the most basic and important super nodes across the Spiderweb network, where the server clusters are equipped with the most powerful computing and data storage capabilities.
The main role of SON is to orchestrate the entire network, acting as a master hub for receiving information from nodes within the network.
Technically speaking, the SON is comprised of the below functions:
  • Control Function: Responsible for the data storage of other nodes. 49% of the Allocation Index Hash will be stored on SON, while the remaining 51% of the data location information is scattered to other nodes to avoid the risk of exposure of all data locations.
  • AI Function: Perform AI-based automatic learning and adjustment for the overall optimized usage of node resources within the network.