Spiderweb Verification Node (SVN)

The Spiderweb Verification Node (SVN), a higher-performance mining computer, is mainly responsible for chain maintenance, block packing and block verification. They also provide clients with cloud server services, website access, games, etc., serving general data storage and private node resources for Online Service Provider clients. Some key features of SVN are as follows,
  • Spiderweb Verification Node (SVN) is a bridge between the official node (SON) and Spiderweb Distribution Node (SDN) to reduce the strain on the official node to deal with too many mining nodes.
  • The Private Nodes, composed of scattered Spiderweb Verification Node (SVN), are storage nodes for clients to store data to protect important information from leakage and open to the public.
  • When necessary, if client projects require higher performance node resources, some of the Spiderweb Verification Node (SVN) can be used as part of the public node resources to serve Blockchain Service Provider clients to protect important information and are not publicly available.
  • The Spiderweb Verification Node (SVN) can also become a collaborative part of Spiderweb Official Node (SON) to serve the Online Service Provider clients as cloud servers.