What is Spiderweb?

Spiderweb Official Link: https://linktr.ee/spiderweblink
“Spiderweb (ARAC) is a simple-to-use blockchain infrastructure provider, which help clients transfer from the traditional web-based businesses to blockchain-based applications (Dapps) that provide the most secure and cost-effective networks for their services.”


Blockchain technology has evolved for more than 10 years, from the advent of cryptocurrency to Blockchain 2.0 with Smart Contracts, now moving towards Blockchain 3.0 for different business applications; Spiderweb (ARAC) aims to help private and commercial clients shift from traditional web-based services to the evolved blockchain-based applications, with its user-friendly infrastructure, which will provide far superior security and cost-effective services.
With the immutable characteristics of the decentralized ledger, smart contract, and consensus mechanisms, Blockchain technology has gained a lot of traction and has been widely adopted by a plethora of industries other than finance, facilitating the horizontal and vertical integration of its applications in a variety of areas. According to international organizations around the world, Blockchain technology is the next stage of advancement since the inception of the Internet, and is expected to become among the leading forces behind future international economic operations.
However, at present, most of the blockchain technology is focused on the development and construction of public chains, which have a high technical learning threshold for traditional companies. With the growing and varying options of blockchains to choose from as we move forward, developers tend to be more hesitant and conservative when it comes to transitioning to the blockchain. Meanwhile, the never-stop cyberattacks and the cost of storage and maintenance in the traditional server scenario also put Online Service Providers (OSP) and many across the industries in jeopardy. Accordingly, Spiderweb is founded to tackle and shed new light on these issues.

Spiderweb's Solution

“Spiderweb (ARAC) makes it easy for business to integrate with distributed decentralized nodes and convert any business to blockchain model.”
Spiderweb (ARAC), built upon proprietary, innovative hardware architecture (aptly named Decentralized Internet Data Center, DIDC), is a blockchain service, parental chain (main chain), with worldwide decentralized nodes and P2P mining nodes distributing capabilities.
With our patented one-stop, user-friendly interface, Spiderweb (ARAC) can help businesses make the frictionless transition and integration to the blockchain model with ease. By lowing the technical learning threshold of adoption, our clients are saved from the tedious process of building blockchain architecture from the ground up; while the security concerns that have riddled across so many platforms are also addressed through several integrated processes.
Spiderweb (ARAC) presents a unique tamperproof and decentralized storage technology by using SHA256 encryption and IPFS communication protocol. With our floating IPs and auto-hopping technology, Spiderweb monitors and guards your information against security problems (such as DDOS attacks or hacker intrusion), while also effectively reducing server traffic costs at the same time.
Spiderweb's (ARAC) scope of services also includes both private and public node resources for all your blockchain project needs. In order to promote a sustainable cycle of Spiderweb's (ARAC) economic model, our Spiderweb Distribution Node (SDN) and Spiderweb Verification Node (SVN) will be deployed as validation nodes. Our goal with Spiderweb is to create a stable governing parental-chain, where Proof of Used (PoU) algorithms are adopted as the consensus mechanism, involving resource sharing and monetary incentives for all users in the ecosystem. We at Spiderweb (ARAC) wish to welcome you and join us to cast your net for a share of Web3.