ARAC Main Purpose

  • Purchase

    Business users purchase ARAC

  • Payment

    Pay for SPIDERWEB’s CDN and VPN service fees

  • No contract binding

    Simply deposit ARAC as collateral in our service, and charges will be deducted daily. There's absolutely no need for any contractual binding.

  • Staking

    Supports business growth and earns an official security badge from Spiderweb on the enterprise service platform, enhancing user trust.


When making deductions, we will use Chainlink to benchmark the market price of ARAC, and then proceed with the corresponding deduction. In this way, potential market volatility can be eliminated. When ARAC returns to SPIDERWEB, we will conduct over-the-counter transactions with our long-term B-end partners and sell it back to the B-end at a price benchmarked to the equivalent USDT price for the same volume, achieving a win-win scenario for both sides.

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